Huvudbild Gunvor
As an artist and designer, I work as a freelance glass artist and have cooperated with several glassworks, e.g. Skruf glassworks. For Skruf, I have designed a number of glass products for industrial production as well as some unique pieces. My designs include the series “Dis” and “Rumble” and the lamp “Frost”, which has featured in several design magazines.
I have mainly worked with different designed driven products in a studio glassworks, and with screenprinted transfers of pictures and text burnt into the glass.
In 1994, I started working with screenprinted pictures on cast glass and sheet glass. During 25 years, I have carried out a number of public commissions, mainly in glass. Since my artistry also includes painting, I have explored how to use pictures in combination with glass. I have made collages of pictures and collated them digitally, also creating repeated patterns and combinations. I have developed a technique for screenprint on glass, “Screenprinted decorative glass”, maintaining the transparency of the glass. In my art and exhibition projects, I also want to use my spatial knowledge. In recent years, I have worked with large public commissions using e.g. screenprinted sheet glass.
I am interested in the monumental sculptural expression of glass and transferring pictures to glass. My work is cross-boundary, involving glass, painting, photo, poetry, installations and architecture.
Represented: county councils, municipalities, private collections and museums